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Madonna directs Filth and Wisdom

Madonna.jpgSome time ago we heard about Madonna wanting to direct a film and now she's actually done it, and it's been seen at the Berlin Film Festival.

Filth and Wisdom follows three flatmates trying to find fame and happiness in a world where the two don't often meet.

The flatmates are a Ukranian immigrant who writes poetry, philosophises about life, and leads his gypsy punk band but for cash ends up cross dressing for rich clients. Then there's Holly who is training to be a ballerina but ends up pole dancing to make ends meet, and Juliette who apparently just wants to help starving children in Africa.

Each sounds like a part of Madonna herself. In a statement which Reuters reproduces through Yahoo News she is quoted as saying:

“I have always been inspired by the films of Goddard, Visconti, Passolini and Fellini and hope that I may one day make something that comes close to their genius”

With the amusing note that the statement, whoever wrote it and is now probably sacked, misspelled two of the director's names.

Filth and Wisdom screened on Wednesday at the Berlin Film Festival, and surprisingly critics are saying it was better than they had expected.

Madonna appears confident too and states that it isn't a one off and there are definitely more to come. The press obviously asked her if she had talked to her husband Guy Ritchie for directorial advice before the film, obviously looking for a funny comment to use later. However her reply seems to be pretty strong and forthright.

“Not the editing so much but definitely before I started filming ... He said 'confidence, that's the most important thing that you need to exude on a set, confidence.'”

Well he got that right, and just maybe so has Madonna. I'd be curious to see how the film really is, and she announced that she might release it on the internet for all to see.

Madonna, now a director. The most amusing part of this all is if she becomes more successful than Guy Ritchie, what's he going to do? Perhaps she might even try making a British gangster film.



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