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Mamet's Redbelt trailer online

ChiwetelEjiofor.jpgDavid Mamet's film Redbelt has a trailer online, and it's looking rather interesting. The film stars quite an eclectic mix of actors, from the superb Chiwetel Ejiofor to Tim Allen and including other names such as Joe Mantegna and Emily Mortimer.

The story is of a top martial arts fighter who trains people to survive fights although will never fight himself. Then some shady businessmen steal his ideas for training for a big television show and he is manipulated to enter the fight to try and regain his name.

The subject of the film is a bit surprising, as is the mix of actors, so before you even look at the trailer you might be feeling like me, a little unsure of it all.

However, if you get passed that the setup looks quite interesting and the trailer, dark as it is, gives us a great feel for the film. David Mamet, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Joe Mantegna are the draws here for me.

Row Three [Flash] have the trailer for Redbelt. I think it's looking pretty good.



I just watched my first Mamet play (Speed the Plow) with Kevin Spacey and Jeff Goldblum together on stage and it was electrifying. I did an IMDb search and realised that I have seen quite a number of Mamet penned films so I will surely keep an eye on this one.


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