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Marshall talks Conan, Legion and Sherlock Holmes

NeilMarshall.jpgNeil Marshall, who is about to release Doomsday, has revealed that he has been approached to direct Conan the Barbarian. However there's no real movement on it and he's just had a few meetings so far.

However he does reveal a little more on some of his other upcoming projects.

He also let drop to Ahora Hollywood (Spanish) through IESB that he is still waiting to being work on The Ninth Legion, and that his involvement in Sherlock Holmes is most definitely off.

Now that's a shame. I would have loved to have seen his take on the Sherlock Holmes classic. The question is will it ever be made and will it fall to another director or just get dropped.

I'm curious about The Ninth Legion, is that the same story that Kevin Macdonald of Neil Marshall for Conan the Barbarian though? Could he do well on it? I would think that Doomsday will tell us just that.



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