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Melissa George joins Bermuda Triangle film

MelissaGeorge.jpgA while ago we heard that the director of Severance was to direct a film about the Bermuda triangle that would promise something a little more unusual.

Today we hear that the excellent Melissa George has joined the film and will play a character who has multiple personalities and we see the story through her eyes.

Now this begins to sound really interesting, and not just because I think Melissa George is lovely to look at and a cracking actress - just watch the upcoming WAZ (Filmstalker review) for an example of that - but the idea sounds very interesting, especially when we look at what Christopher Smith previously said about the plot:

"It's a psychological horror film set on an ocean liner. Weirdly, it's a movie that will play in time loops, like a character getting stuck in a glitch. That's what the Bermuda Triangle is and this character has to combat her way back. It's a slick idea that I will get bang-on right."

With the announcement from The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon we find out a little more to add to that.

She is part of a crew of an ocean yacht that gets damaged in freak weather and comes across another ship which they board for safety. of course here things just go from bad to worse, but as the audience we are reliving the experience through the minds of the character played by Melissa George.

With multiple personalities and a mental disorder it sounds like we're going to see something a little different from the norm with Triangle. Not only that but George will have a cracking role to get her acting teeth into.



I like this girl very much. Actually I got her information while reading [Link not working - Richard], really she has struggled a lot for getting this image.

i want to watch triangle film.cuold you help me please?


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