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Murray leads big cast in Limits of Control

BillMurray.jpgThe Limits of Control is said to be Bill Murray's latest film, a film which will be from the staple partnership of Murray's with Jim Jarmusch.

The film also boasts some stunning cameos, although I really do hope that they are a little more than that and this isn't a lone Murray lead.

Apparently The Limits of Control will also star Gael García Bernal, Tilda Swinton and Zhang Ziyi. Javier Bardem and Roman Polanski are, according to The Hollywood Reporter through Digital Spy, rumoured to be making cameos.

The film is a Spanish road movie and will revolve around a lone criminal, who won't be played by Bill Murray. So Murray isn't the lead? Oh, so what's the big deal about him then? Surely the big deal is the all star cameo cast?

The lead is actually to be played by Isaach De Bankolé, an actor I do recognise but have no real experience of.

You know, I really do think that the new Bill Murray is overrated. It worked for me in Lost in Translation and then quickly became tiring.



I think Murray has mellowed in his old age. I was watching Ghostbusters on the weekend, and with the passing of time his character has become more of an unlikeable asshole. Whereas in something like the life aquatic/lost in translation he doesn't need to be that alpha male type, more easy going.

I agree Lars, especially about Murray's role in Ghostbusters.


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