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Ninja Assassin is Wachowski's next film

Wachowskis.jpgI watched the trailer for Speed Racer before Jumper last night and it looks exciting and innovative in its style, so the news of the latest Wachowski film has me on an up, especially considering the title and the leading star.

Rain is the Korean lead from I'm a Cyborg, but that's OK (Filmstalker review), a superb film and a strong performance from the singer turned actor.

Now, according to Variety, Rain, aka Jung Ji-hoon who is also in Speed Racer, is set to appear in the Wachowski's next film Ninja Assassin. Nothing much is known about the film other than the title and the names of those behind it, but the Wachowski's are definitely a creative force that will bring something visually exciting at the very least.

Argue all you like about the direction of the last two Matrix films, and frankly I'll join you because they really dropped the possibility of a stunning franchise there, but just seeing the trailer for Speed Racer makes you realise that there's bags of style and innovation in them both, and if the story of the film turns out well then we might see them back on track.



Ninja Scroll is an Awesome movie but Rain looks too "weak" to be a Ninja fighter. Doesn't look like like the fighter type.

I'd rather see the Wachowski's do another SCI-FI, like the Dreamscapes axis project they once sought.


So the movie would be based on Ninja Scroll?
Well its just some rumours about the movie and Rain stars in this film.
So the crew behind the Matrix movies are working on the Ninja Scroll movie to be shot in Belin Germany.
So will there be more news on other movies including
Onimusha directed by Christophe Gans which it might be starting to film in April.
Thank You.


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