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Pacino fighting Bond?

AlPacino.jpgI really find it hard to believe that Al Pacino is set to star in the next Bond film, the stupidly titled Quantum of Solace, but saying that Pacino's careerhasn't exactly been at the level of old has it?

Still, it would be a major scoop for the Bond franchise, except I don't know if it would feel right, I don't know if Pacino would actually suit a role in a Bond film.

Apparently the word is that Al Pacino is set to take the role as the lead bad guy that Bond is searching for in the new Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

The rumour comes from AICN through Jo Blo,

Now while Pacino is great at playing bad guys, gives a fantastic performance on screen, and is a huge draw, I just don't see him fitting with the Bond franchise very well. Just look at the bad guys we've had in Bond, the actors are mostly foreign, lesser known, and give great character performances, often understated and brooding.

Having Pacino in the film feels too Hollywood and too big for Bond. That would eclipse the focus on Daniel Craig and it would overshadow the whole Bond film. Plus Pacino will just be playing himself, again, and do we really want to see that in Bond film? Surely we'd get a bigger, louder and more over the top performance than we'd need? Where's the sophisticated bad guy?



I have to agree with you on this one even I am a big fan of the guy. Surely Pacino could be doing something else than starring in a Bond film? And I said that with all due respect to the Bond franchise, it's just like chalk and cheese to me.


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