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Paramount moves to Blu-ray, or do they?

Bluray.jpgHardly a surprise really, but Paramount have announced their move to Blu-ray, but are they planning on holding back releases and sticking with DVD?

Their statement seems to leave a little open door for what they are actually going to do, and suggests that maybe they are looking at not adopting Blu-ray as wholly as the other studios are.

The statement from Paramount Home Entertainment comes through The Hollywood Reporter and Yahoo News and goes like this:

"We are pleased that the industry is moving to a single high-definition format, as we believe it is in the best interest of the consumer...As we look to (begin) releasing our titles on Blu-ray, we will monitor consumer adoption and determine our release plans accordingly."

Now I do know that people often read too much into things, particularly statements such as this, but if you reread that you might be as unsure as I am.

They're looking to release titles, but they'll monitor the consumer adoption and then decide their release plans. That to me says that they aren't confident in going ahead with the format, despite being happy that the format war is over, the consumer has a single choice, and not to mention the fact that they've earned a bundle out of it so far.

Is this really suggesting that they might not release a lot on Blu-ray, and might instead stick with DVD? I can't really see it, with the saturation of the Blu-ray player in homes and the dropping of the LCD prices across the market, I think we're going to see a growth in the high definition at home demand.

I think it would be another bad move of theirs not to embrace the format when all the other studios are.



I think basically they're going to just take their time in releasing some of their older titles, but I have no doubt that all of their new/recent titles will get a Blu-ray release.

If they're stalling to wait and see how well sales go, just wait until they sell a million copies of Transformers in it's first week of release on BD.

Cue floodgates....

Yeah, drop that puppy on Blu-ray and we'll see it sell like hotcakes. Particularly when you add the two halves of this very difficult equation together:

Playstation 3 generation + Transformers generation

What a crossover, and with Blu-ray in the homes too. Oh and add to that the fact that the director is an open advocate of how great the format is.


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