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Piranha remake in 3D

Piranha.jpgAlexandre Aja is remaking Piranha, and that was news enough for me. He has bags of style, and this film is a cracking horror film that could well do with a remake.

However there's a hiccup in the idea that I think might be slightly worrying. They're going to make the film in 3D.

Now I'm really not a fan of the whole 3D gimmick, and yes I do believe it's still a gimmick for when films go out of their way to create scenes that throw things at the camera, that's a gimmick. It doesn't add anything to the story or film whatsoever...except here.

As I was reading the story from ShockTillYouDrop through /Film something kept hitting me, images from the original Piranha, the underwater camera racing towards the victims, the piranha racing towards the camera, these are shots which were in the original film, they're not being created specifically for the medium of 3D, the original film had that feel to it and so it won't seem so gimmicky and contrived.

Alexandre Aja has a great knack for horror and tension, and that's another aspect of Piranha that the original was strong in.

You know I do think this could be a great remake, much like his The Hills Have Eyes (Filmstalker review) remake. I don't know about you, but I'm genuinely interested in seeing this film, even though it is 3D and it is a remake.



When I went to see Beowulf there was trailer for Sea Creatures or something and this menacing looking fish came towards the audiences and it was frightening I must say. I think it would be great entertainment to have Piranha in 3D.


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