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Pitch your horror film and see it made

There's a competition running online that allows you to pitch your idea for a horror film and allow readers to vote on it. Should it be successful you would be flown out to see it being made and gain a production credit.

There's only one winner here, and the competition is running from February the 8th to March the 17th, so get going.

After Dark Films and Massify are running the competition called Ghosts in the Machine, which is where you can learn more about the rules and enter. The story comes through The Hollywood Reporter.

Not only can you pitch your ideas but those budding actors out there can submit audition videos to try and win a part in the film too.

As the production begins you'll be able to watch online videos of behind the scenes footage, much like an online reality series would play out, and the winner will also be appearing in these videos.

What if you're just a lowly critic though? Well you can be the one voting on the winner. See, there's a place for everyone in this thing, so head over and get involved.



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