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Play Romero's Diary of the Dead online

DiaryoftheDead.jpgI've just reviewed Diary of the Dead (Filmstalker review) and as I was writing it up I was contacted by a company promoting the film. Usually this means trailers, clips, posters, the usual stuff, however with Diary of the Dead they're doing something very clever.

You can join up as a zombie, a soldier, medic, policeman, quite a few different civilians in fact, and then roam a large city looking for supplies, especially a video camera to start recording your own Diary of the Dead.

The whole game is backed up by the online MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, called Urban Dead. You can read more about Urban Dead on their Wiki, or head over to the FAQ.

Head over to the game itself and get started, it's easy to get going. Once you're signed up you are allowed so much to do per day, and the first order of business is to find a safehouse.

See if you can find me, I'm secure in the Filmstalker building and my character is my usual gaming name, Major Casualty. This time though I hope I'm not going to be, especially in my own Filmstalker building!

Get signed up and get playing...oh and let us know how you do.



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