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Pryce elected in G.I. Joe

GIJoe.jpgThe President of the United States in G.I. Joe has been chosen and it's none other than Jonathan Pryce.

I find the casting for G.I. Joe more and more surprising as bigger and bigger names leap on board.

Empire surmise that since Jonathan Pryce is particularly good at playing weak and panicked characters that this is the way the President could be portrayed, I suspect that he could actually be evil and menacing, something else Pryce is really good at, but then he's an actor, he could play it whatever way is required.

However what surprises me is the cast list to date and all the names such as Dennis Quaid, Sienna Miller, Channing Tatum, Christopher Eccleston, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Rachel Nichols…Okay, Nichols probably isn't as surprising as the other names, but that's a big name list for a film that I think is very American and doesn't command the strength of audience internationally for the character.

I wonder how well this film will do and if they will tone down the American influence for a much more generic story to make G.I. Joe more appealing overseas?

I'm still amazed that such names are involved and it has to be down to Stephen Sommers, that's the only drawing point I can see so far.



Jonathan Pryce is a fantastic actor, whether he's playing a weak or strong character. This is very good news if he is now on board for this project!


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