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Quaid talks G.I. Joe

DennisQuaid.jpgDennis Quaid has been giving a few comments about the upcoming G.I. Joe film and reveals, at least to me anyway, that this is going to be as deep and as exciting as I first thought - that is tongue in cheek by the way.

He also says that he's signed up for the trilogy, fully expecting his character to be taken forward and expanded upon in the upcoming films.

Here's what Dennis Quaid has to say about the idea of G.I. Joe, and he seems to have his feet planted firmly on the ground with this:

"Hopefully, there's going to be two more after this. I don't really have a lot to do here in the first one. I really signed up for the future as well…

… I have no romances, but my aide-de-camp is a Victoria's Secret supermodel, Carolina Kournikova, her name is Cover Girl, so it can't be too serious. It's a little bit like the cartoon show and it's a little bit like a modern action film, and it's also a little like James Bond old-style back in the '60s with Specter taking over an island for it's own criminal country and a threat to the entire world. It's somewhat tongue-in-cheek and great action and it just seems like a lot of fun. I just wanted to be a part of it."

The comments from from First Showing. Yep, that's pretty much how I thought it would be, perhaps more Man from U.N.C.L.E. than Bond I would think, and that's the way that I can see G.I. Joe working, particularly outside of the U.S.

I still see this as an odd choice for Quaid, particularly as it will come hot on the heels of his starring role in Vantage Point.



i hope they do justice to the old school cartoon.

the cartoon was as serious and deep as child entertainment in the 80's ever got, and at least on par with transformers. if you want to see an example of what i'm expecting, check out the animated GI JOE the movie, from that time.

personally, I need some patriotic tongue in cheek lighthearted fare.

my biggest fear is that they un-americanize it. They should keep it real. GI JOE embodies all the best ideals and spirit of the united states, in the form that it wishes that it could be. I know it's just a toy property and money machine, but hey. So are all movies.

Incidentally, do we know who Quaid is going to be? Commander Falcon perhapse? Or Hawk?


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