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Quantum of Solace behind the scenes

QuantumofSolace.jpgMarc Foster opens this behind the scenes featurette about Bond 22 aka Quantum of Solace - I still can't get over that very strange title.

That aside the featurette also has Daniel Craig talking about the role as well as doing some stunts and rehearsing, and there's some good behind the scenes stuff.

The new poster for the film is also out, which you can see in this post and in full over at Moviefone through Empire, thanks to Ramchandra on Filmstalker Readers.

The clip is below from Moviefone and through Coming Soon.

Analyse the poster all you want, but we're pretty much seeing a shadow of Bond from the end of the previous film, same gun and everything. So he's walking on scorched Earth...look, it's Bond and he's got a gun and he's going to kill the bad guys.



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