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Reeves, Gyllenhaal, Arkin, Belluci in Private Lives of Pippa Lee

RobinWrightPenn.jpgThe Private Lives of Pippa Lee has just gained a big cast list, Keanu Reeves, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Alan Arkin and Monica Bellucci, and what's more it comes from the pen of one of the famous Miller family, the daughter of Arthur Miller, writer/director Rebecca Miller.

However that's where the excitement starts to dull a little as the blurb describes the film as a comedy/drama, oh cringe. However, the rest looks up as it focuses on a fifty year old wife whose husband falls for a younger woman and she is left to have a quiet breakdown and start exploring her sensuality.

Mmm, I'm not too sure, there are a mix of positive and negatives throughout that and the idea of a fifty year old on screen exploring her sensuality brings about visions of Jack Nicholson playing a number of his roles you'd like to pick in the last few years.

Still you'd have to expect something a little different and intelligent from Rebecca Miller wouldn't you?

According to Reuters through Yahoo News Robin Wright Penn is already set to star in the film as the lead character – in her fifties? Okay, maybe I am interested because she is stunning as an actress and as a woman.

Julianne Moore and Winona Ryder have also been cast. This really is sounding like a huge cast.

Alan Arkin is playing the husband and the younger woman is played by Ryder. However for the really unbelievable, Monica Bellucci is playing his first wife, and that would really be a struggle to believe for us guys – leaving Bellucci for Wright Penn is one of those big questions you get asked for which there is no right answer...

Keanu Reeves is set to play the leading ladies younger lover with Maggie Gyllenhaal playing her mother in flashbacks, and Julianne Moore is a lesbian novelist.

Okay I'm sold now. This sounds strangely attractive and a rather odd at the same time.



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