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Romero's Crazies remake still on?

TheCrazies_Poster.jpgBack in July 2006 we heard that the classic George A. Romero film The Crazies was getting remade and then everything went quiet. Now word is that there has been some trouble getting it off the ground, but that the production company are still tryiing to get it off the ground.

The original film saw a remote town being exposed to a biological weapon that turned its victims insane and extremely dangerous. The governement secure the town and start to clear it. Meanwhile a couple of survivors try to escape the crazies and the army.

We had heard that Scott Kosar was the scriptwriter on the first script for The Crazies and we heard that Brad Anderson was planning to direct, which was a really interesting idea.

Now there's a new scriptwriter on board, Ray Wright, and no director in sight, if indeed it actually gets made. The story comes from a source through Bloody Disgusting and Coming Soon.

Ray Wright is the man destined for the new scripting job, he wrote the Pulse and the upcoming Case 39.

Kosar rewrote The Amytiville Horror and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, however those not so good scripts aside, he did write the excellent The Machinist.

It's hard to pick a winner out of those two writers, but what is clear is that seeing Brad Anderson walk away from the project, if he was actually going to make it, is a bit of a shame. He brought Session 9, which was a very interesting film, and The Machinist.

Anderson would have been great for the film, and I think it would be great to see this remade. The question is if the production company can save it and grab a strong director. I wonder what George A. Romero would think?



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