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Russell Brand biographical film?

RussellBrand.jpgDoes anyone in Hollywood know who Russell Brand is? Apparently not when you see him billed as "Actor Russell Brand", and it looks as though he's exploiting that well as word comes through that he may be talking to producers regarding his autobiography My Booky Wook (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

Over here Russell Brand is a television presenter and comedian, kind of like marmite, you either love him or hate him. Apart from appearing on second rate television shows he's also been famous for being involved in a case of alleged sexual assault, something he was cleared of after investigation.

So apart from that I can't really see what the story of someone who rose to present television and appear in generic quiz shows really could raise any interest, and yet it may well have as TheCheers claims that Michael Winterbottom is set to direct - not even interested or rumoured, but they say:

"Michael Winterbottom of '24 Hour Party People' fame has been roped in to direct the film and Brand would be playing himself in the movie."

What? I don't believe that for a second. However if it is true, and even if it isn't Winterbottom that's involved, it raises the question I find myself asking whenever there's word of an autobiography coming out from some 'C' or 'B' list star in the UK who hasn't even reached half way through their life, what's the point?

It's the most blatant money making scheme I can see, an autobiography when you're not even half way through your life, because you know there's going to be another one or two autobiographies from them if they're even still remotely on that star list rating, even at 'D' or 'E' levels.

So now we're going to see the life of Russell Brand brought to the big screen by Michael Winterbottom? I really have to say I think that this is celebrity gossip at its worst. Wait until you're eighty and have a wealth of exciting life behind you before you write your autobiography, oh and see then if you have the fame to pull it off.

I want to read about Kirk Douglas' life, or Michael Douglas for that matter. Give me Arnie's life over this. Not even thirty five and the trivia on IMDB says "Is a Vegetarian"...



So not interested. I still can not comprehend how many celebrities have got autobiographies, who really wants to know about these people?

Their fans perhaps?

I can understand that Craig if the celebrities had something to tell and weren't in their twenties and early thirties.

Read about Kirk Douglas or Steve McQueen, now those are amazingly interesting lives, but C-List celebs struggling to get out of television?

There, Richard couldn't have said it any better than I could. ;)

If you knew anything about Russell Brand, you would know his life has been pretty interesting, if the film is being based on his book, as it has been said, then it will end as he is starting to gain in fame. It isn't about the last year or two since he's been in the press but things like his childhood and his struggle with drugs, alcohol and sex addiction.

If you knew or were familiar with Russell Brands' comedy then you certainly wouldn't have given us that poisonous rant. Unfounded it was. He has a great deal of fans and if you read the book you would see there is more than enough rich, and honest material to come up with a film for.

You'd ratehr see a film about Kirk, or Michael Douglas. Why? At least Russell has a message and is geniunely a far more intelligent person than you are casting him off as.

I hated the guy at first based on a simple throwaway, aesthetic judgment but after hearing his podcasts and reading his book I've come to find him one of the brightest young stars this country has had to offer for quite a while

What?! You obviously know nothing of the Douglas actors. One of the most amazing aspects of their lives was when Kirk suffered a stroke and Michael helped him to learn to speak again. That's not even to mention the great impact they had on cinema, Kirk being one of the Hollywood greats...and you say "at least Russell has a message"?!

I would hardly call the story a "poisonous rant", far from it. More and more western society is becoming a celebrity crazed culture and we're becoming more and more interested in these lower listed stars, reality shows, and people's half lived life stories, and I think that's just plain sad.

Whoever wrote this is an ignorant fool. Russell was NEVER INVOLVED in any sexual assault case. His 6 music co-host Trevor Lock was wrongly accused of the assualt and no charges were ever brought forward.

Russell began his career as a serious actor, with parts in Major British television series, and has since starred in no less than three major hollywood films.

To be honest, i find it thorouhly sickening that Richard Brunton has such little journalistic talent or genuine grasp of reality, that he can write negative and insulting lies and pass it off as "work".

Honestly Richard, why don't you try doing some journalism from your heart, instead of pouring yet moe negative pointless, and frankly malicious jealousy into the world.

Wow, I always like that, when someone on the Internet finds an opinion they don't agree with and decides to blatantly attack them rather than reason or discuss intelligently, it's the beauty of the Internet.

Since you're detached from any physical and emotional connection you'll just go off on an unintelligent and aggressive attack, something you wouldn't do in person to someone you had never met before. Or rather if you did then there's obviously something very wrong with you psychologically.

I remember on the news that Brand was involved in the case, and cleared of all involvement.

Many people have begun there careers as serious actors, there are hundreds of them working in restaurants across Los Angeles right now, doesn't make their lives any more interesting.

According to IMDB Brand has appeared in one episode of The Bill, one of Blessed and The Comedy Lab, and six episodes of Mud. As far as film roles go we're talking Penelope, St Trinian's and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, with St Trinian's being a British film and Penelope being pretty poor stuff, that leaves Forgetting Sarah Marshall as his larger role in a decent film.

Now, to your degrading run of insults to which you self reference with the comment "...pouring yet mo[r]e negative pointless, and frankly malicious jealousy into the world.". I couldn't agree more, and it's such a waste of time to answer such comments.

I am not a journalist and this is not work, and I would very much deny that journalism is indeed from the heart as you put it, just look through the British press to see how much heart is in there, it's about selling papers and sensationalism.

I have a very strong and grounded sense of reality, and from this I write my grounded thoughts on these articles on my site.

There are no lies, maliciousness or jealousy in this post, if I were to be jealous of anyone it would be such talent as the Douglas'. No, this is my opinion. Feel free to disagree, but don't destroy your own argument by turning negative, insulting, accusing and overly aggressive in your own comments.

Whether Russell Brand is famous enough to have a film made out of his life story is somewhat missing the point - I imagine people like Richard Brunton made similarly narrow-minded comments when they heard Martin Scorsese was doing a film about some boxer, or that Milos Forman was putting together a film about that weird comedian from Taxi.
Hats off to Winterbottom for bravely choosing an alternative subject, like he did brilliantly with Tony Wilson. For the uninitiated, Brand's reputation as "another tabloid-friendly celebrity whose bunged his auto-biography out too soon" is undeserved. His book is very well written and very funny throughout and will suit Winterbottom's style very well.
I just wish people like Brunton should stop making these knee jerk reactions to films. And if someone reckons a film of Micheal Douglas helping his dad overcome a stroke would be preferable, then they really ought to give their head a good shake.

Imagine away, no he didn't, for he wasn't a B/C list celebrity that wasn't even near half way through his life to write a biography.

The point about the Douglas' are that they are at a point in their life that a biographical film would actually be a biography of their life, not of a third of it. Not only that but they are genuine icons of screen who have had a huge impact on the world where they work. They are also a huge inspiration for others.

Now there are many more A list celebrities who have much more interesting tales to tell than the B/C list stars we're seeing churn out biographies in their thirties like Brand, Jordan, Moyles, and on, and on...

*Simone completely aghast*

this is ridiculous. russell brand is not known for a sex assault!!!!! He is known for being an award winning stand-up comedian.

Bob - Richard didn't say he was known for sex assault try reading that sentence again.

Wow, Richard you hit a nerve with the Brand fans, at least they're semi-intelligent and literate, unlike the Twilight fans I've dealt with over the recent months.

I'm in agreement with you that it feels ridiculous to have a bio-pic at the age of 30 something. No matter what he's already been through a movie of this caliber would be no more than a TV movie of the week or perhaps an after school special. Brand may be well known in Europe, but he's far from a household name in the states. I don't recall him in Penelope, but I did find him enjoyable in Sara Marshall. He hosted the MTV Music Awards in the fall and while I didn't sit through the entire program I didn't find him all that spectacular of a host. The one observation I have made from my exposure to him, so far, is that Russell Brand is Russell Brand. I haven't seen too much diversity between his character in Sara Marshall and his everyday persona.


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