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Sex and the City trailer in high definition

SexandtheCity.jpgThe full theatrical Sex and the City trailer has arrived in high definition after being released a week ago, and there's not a great any changes, although the colour sees to be rather odd throughout, perhaps it's just my copy.

Here's a tip for the studio though. If you're going to release a teaser trailer before the theatrical, try don't release everything in the teaser, it flattens the impact of the full trailer.

Honestly I'm struggling to see where the differences really are in the trailer, I don't see anything that different or exciting about the film version of Sex and the City, do you?

Sure we're seeing all the relationships again, and I noticed a little clip that introduces a possible tension in one of the marriages, but the rest just seems to say “more of the same” and not really set up anything that dramatic, and this was my fear for the film version of the television series, more of the same.

Here's the trailer in Flash format:

Then you can head over to Yahoo Movies [QT:480p:720p:1080p] through Latino Review to see the high definition version.



I quite enjoyed watching SatC although I didn't follow it all the way through. I know I would still watch it for posterity's sake and for the love of Big. :P

Yeah I'm a fan of his too!!

Have you got like a touch of Big in you Rich? Or should I ask the fiancee? ;)

I think this is going to be a hit.

Oh lord...that could be taken so many ways!! :o

I know that my past life most definitely did, but like the series, the love of a great woman has turned me around.

LOL I didnt mean too Richard!

But I got to say the last bit you said is very nice. You just found your match I suppose and I think it applies to most (if not all) of us. I am also still looking for my Mr. Big to tame and all. ;)

You are planning to watch this are you what with the wedding theme and all?

No, no, that's just my mind!

I think I won't really have a choice to see it! My wife to be will drag me to it!!

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