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Smurfs the movie photos

Smurf.jpgI find it so hard to believe that the Smurfs film is still in development. In the age of cartoons such as Speed Racer, Dragonball Z and Avatar the Last Airbender, we're getting the Smurfs in 3D, perhaps hoping to win over a new crowd because it surely can't be to win a new audience.

There's a short video online that talks about the Smurfs and the creator of the Smurfs in general, but it's not until the final few seconds that we see anything of the Smurfs animated film.

In fact the video over at Coming Soon is a big let down for that, as it really is just a few seconds and nothing more, plus it's in French which is great if you speak French, and if you don't it's just images of older people and Smurfs.

Surprisingly not too many shots of children going mad over the Smurfs though. Now that's where I worry about this film for The Smurfs. Is it really going to appeal to a new young audience and compete against all the other cartoon characters out there nowadays, and even beat them?

Perhaps with a really young crowd it might win through, but I can't see it crossing any age groups, after all we have films like The Simpsons (Filmstalker review) to cater for us all.

You know they should have the alluring British actress Victoria Smurfit in the film. She'd be a great fit for a Smurf. Oh dear...



To be honest, I'm kind of excited about a Smurfs movie. Great up with them, still love them and though I'm not sure they can win over new fans, it'll definitely make for an interesting revisiting of my youth.

Surely though it's just like all the other film adaptations of programmes from our youth - the original has been made much greater in our minds because it was what we grew up with and time has passed.


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