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Spielberg delays Chicago 7

StevenSpielberg.jpgSteven Spielberg seems to be delaying his film The Trial of the Chicago 7 and it looks like the film will be moved down his schedule for something else, perhaps even nothing at this stage.

Although there were various erroneous reports as to why Spielberg was doing it, and indeed one that said he was dropping the project altogether, it seems that the delay is just that, and for very obvious reasons.

According to rumours today it would seem that it's not because an internet site claims he should, nor because he wants to get Lincoln made for an anniversary, but because the Screen Actors Guild contract expires in June, and with a finish date on the film for July it would seem that this would be pushing the dates just a little too much.

The story appeared last night as I was heading to bed and Collider suggested that an article in CHUD had caused Spielberg to drop the idea of making the film. Well not so, I really don't think that Spielberg would do that after reading one internet story.

Then they carried the idea that perhaps it was because Lincoln's 200th birthday is on February 12th 2009 – except it's not really because he's dead, the anniversary of his birth most definitely is though. However, that aside it doesn't appear to be the reason either.

Deadline Hollywood Daily seem to have the most plausible response, saying that considering how excited Steven Spielberg is about the project and how he talks about it at every opportunity, it would seem that he wouldn't want to drop it.

Nikki Finke's sources come up with the answer that the Screen Actors could well be going on strike in June, and with The Trial of the Chicago 7 due to complete in July, that's just a little too tight for Spielberg to push for, especially as there's word that the script isn't complete as yet.

“Unless the SAG contract will be resolved within the next two or three weeks, Steven felt he couldn't go forward. It's really not about lack of interest in the material. He can start this movie on August 1st”

Now that seems much more plausible. There's also the comment made that Spielberg felt he couldn't keep holding onto the cast while final script work was being done and holding the actors off from doing projects before any possible strike.

So all in all it looks like a delay for Chicago 7, and looking at the work that requires to be done on other projects, I wonder if we'll see anything now from Spielberg post that ominous July date.



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