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Stalked: Fincher's Black Hole, Verbinski's animated film

David Fincher is to direct Black Hole, the story being adapted by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary...

Gore Verbinski is set to direct a huge budget animated film...

David Fincher is to direct Black Hole, the story adapted by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary from the Charlie Burns graphic novel about a sexually transmitted disease that affects teenagers and makes them social outcasts. More on the plot here. The story comes from Reuters through Yahoo News.

Gore Verbinski is set to turn away from Pirates and create his first animated feature film which is going to carry an amazing US $100 million budget according to Reuters through Yahoo News. There's no word on what the film is, but it is supposed to be a new idea from Verbinski's production company. John Logan is in talks to write the script.



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