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Stalked: G.I. Joe cast change, Tomei as a stripper and Gershon as hooker

G.I. Joe cast change brings Christopher Eccleston...

Marisa Tomei joins Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler...

Gina Gershon joins a big cast for Love Ranch...

Mads Mikkelsen in time travel film...

I'm really not interested in G.I. Joe, and so I find it hard to write about the film, but others are excited and since the replacement actor is Christopher Eccleston then I can't help but not.

It seems that the role of Destro will no longer be going to David Murray as he can't get a U.S. Visa in time for the film, so Christopher Eccleston is going to take up the mantel instead.

IESB have the news of the cast change, a change which I think will be a good move for the film as it gives it more acting weight as well as more non-U.S. recognition, something that with G.I. Joe I really do believe it needs more of. Eccleston was also recently seen in Heroes, so that pulling power has to be a good thing.

Still, I find it hard to raise excitement for this film, it's like having film about Action Man, or Play People!

MarisaTomei.jpgMarisa Tomei has signed up to play a stripper in Darren Aronofsky's film The Wrestler. Marisa Tomei will play the love interest of Mickey Rourke's washed up wrestler who has quit the sport after having a heart attack. While trying to build a normal life he decides to have one last crack at the ring. The story comes from Variety.

Mads Mikkelsen has the coolest name in film, as well as being a very cool actor. His next role is nothing different as he is set to star in a supernatural thriller about a struggling painter who discovers a time portal and has the chance to go back in time and alter his own life.

Past Perfect is the title of the film which is to be directed by Anno Saul, written by Jan Berger and is based on the novel Damalstuer by Akif Pirincci. According to Variety Jessica Shwarz also stars in the film.

Instantly I'm drawn to that story. Time travel and meddling in the past to affect the future and the ramifications of that. Fantastic stuff, and with Mads Mikkelsen starring you're sure of something a little bit quirky.

GinaGershon.jpgGina Gershon, the woman with the luscious lips, has signed up to play a professional lady at the Love Ranch. Taylor Hackford is directing the story of a love triangle between the married owners of the ranch and one of the ladies working there. Gina Gershon plays the working lady, Helen Mirren the wife and Joe Pesci the husband, while Bryan Cranston is playing a State Senator who becomes involved in their affairs. The news comes from Yahoo News.



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