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Stalked: Lohan for Burton's Alice and Reynolds in British comedy

Lindsay Lohan wants the lead of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland while Burt Reynolds joins British comedy A Bunch of Amateurs.

LindseyLohan.jpgLindsay Lohan wants the lead of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and you know what your parents say, you can want all you like...well Lindsay Lohan apparently wants the lead in Tim Burton's adaptation of Alice and Wonderland and according to rumour she's pushing to try and land the part according to Digital Spy through HorrorMovies.

Frankly I don't understand why anyone would bet on her until she's been proven to be on the straight and narrow for some time, after all it's a big life commitment to make a film. That aside, hasn't she blown her chance at fame...again?

BurtReynolds.jpgBurt Reynolds joins British comedy A Bunch of Amateurs, a comedy that tells of a washed up Hollywood action hero who is struggling to find work. He's vain, insecure, and is desperate to get his career back. So his talent agency pass him what seems to be the role of a lifetime, leading King Lead in a Royal Shakespeare Company production in Stratford upon Avon. However it actually turns out to be an amateur dramatic production in Stratford St John. According to The Hollywood Reporter the cast include Derek Jacobi, Charles Durning, Imelda Staunton and Samantha Bond.



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