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Stalked: Rob Lowe and Ken Watanabe

Rob Lowe is set to star alongside Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner in This Side of the Truth.

Ken Watanabe is to join John Cusack and Gong Li in the period drama Shanghai from director Mikael Hafstrom.

Rob Lowe is joining the comedy This Side of the Truth which is set in a world where everyone tells the truth and Ricky Gervais plays the one man to figure out the benefits of lying. His character is employed to talk about the 1300's, a time period that isn't very interesting once the Black Death has been covered, so he starts lying to save his job. Rob Lowe will be playing his nemesis. Gervais and Matt Robinson co-wrote and will also co-direct. The story comes from Variety.

Meanwhile, Ken Watanabe has joined the cast of Shanghai, a period drama that is set just four months prior to December the 7th, 1941, and follows a man who returns to Shanghai to find the Japanese occupied place corrupt and far from what he remembers. There he finds that his friend has been murdered and he tries to investigate it himself, falling in love in the process and discovering a larger cover up that even involves his own government. Mikael Håfström is directing. The story comes from Variety



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