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Stalked: Rockwell, Monaghan, Allen, Janssen, Panettiere, Strike deal

Sam Rockwell to star in film on the moon.

Dominic Monaghan is to appear in a psychological thriller called Pet.

Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood are set to star in Woody Allen's next film.

Famke Janssen, Rip Torn and Terry Kinney will be leading Turn the River, a pool hall film.

Hayden Panettiere is turning to teen comedy in Daydream Nation.

A draft deal between the WGA and the AMPTP could be out as early as Friday.

Sam Rockwell is to star in a film about being stranded on the Moon directed by Duncan Jones, and that's all the news so far from MTV Movies Blog through MoviesOnline.

DominicMonaghan.jpgDominic Monaghan will star in Pet, a psychological thriller where he plays a man who becomes obsessed with the girl he had a crush on in high school and imprisons her underneath the animal shelter where he works. However he slowly starts to realise she isn't the woman she thought she was. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon.

Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood are set to star in Woody Allen's next film which will be filming in New York and is, as yet, untitled, according to Entertainment Weekly through Coming Soon.

FamkeJanssen.jpgFamke Janssen, Rip Torn and Terry Kinney are starring in Turn the River, according to Variety, which tells the story of a mother trying to raise US $50,000 in order to fight to gain custody of her son. To do this she turns to playing high stakes pool. Chris Eigemen wrote and is set to direct the film and also star, he previously starred alongside the beautiful Janssen in the excellent The Treatment (Filmstalker review).

Hayden Panettiere is to star in Daydream Nation, a teenage comedy which may also star Kieran Culkin. Michael Goldbach will move from screenwriter to director with the film which will see Panettiere play a sharp and hardened teenager with Culkin playing her boyfriend. It's supposed to be a modern coming of age story that is being compared to Juno. The news from Reuters through Yahoo News sounds like a bad choice for Panettiere.

Reuters through Yahoo News tells us that a draft deal between the WGA and the AMPTP could be seen by Friday, meaning an end to the strike really is coming.



Turn the River was filmed last year and has already won 2 awards at the Hamptons film festival. Variety was just reporting that the film had been picked up for distribution.

Well that's good then, people can see it for the first time.


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