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Stalked: Wrestler clip, Kung Fu Panda and CJ7 trailers

There's a clip from Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler already...

A new trailer for Kung Fu Panda...

The CJ7 trailer from Stephen Chow in high definition...

First up is a clip from The Wrestler from Darren Aronofsky featuring Mickey Rourke. I can't say much about it other than what Jo Blo has already said as I'm sitting at work and can't see YouTube. They say that you should keep the volume low and hold out for the payoff at the end of the clip.

There's a new Kung Fu Panda trailer online, and I say new but I can't really clarify that as it just wouldn't play no matter what I tried to do. I even tried manually dragging the slider across to force the trailer to play frame by frame, but it just stopped again. So if you're interested in seeing this, good luck. Here's the trailer through MoviesOnline.

The trailer for Stephen Chow's CJ7 has appeared online over at Apple Trailers and in high definition too.



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