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Stallone in another Bronson remake?

Stallone.jpgNot only is Sylvester Stallone remaking Death Wish, which he is writing and possibly directing, but there's word that he's starring in another Charles Bronson remake before that, The Mechanic.

The film tells the story of a hitman who is training up a replacement so that he can retire. However it seems that the replacement has a different set of motives than he does, and then they are both set-up and betrayed.

The original film from 1972 was directed by Michael Winner and starred Charles Bronson as the retiring hitman and Jan-Michael Vincent as the trainee.

There's also word from Dark Horizons through Rope of Silicon that Ryan Gosling, Ben Foster, Cillian Murphy and Elijah Wood are to be cast as well, and that suddenly makes for one exciting cast list.

If that really is true then there's a push for this film to be pretty big.

The remake is already listed on IMDB and it has an interesting plot outline saying that the story is a remake in name only (aren't they all until they're seen) and is "totally reimagined" as a spy thriller for the modern world of terrorism.

Currently Shane Salerno is credited as the screenwriter, a man who wrote the screenplay for the huge shark film Meg, Alien versus Predator: Requiem and Shaft. Doesn't sound hugely promising, but the update would no doubt work. However doesn't that just make it like Spy Game?



You didn't mean Brosnan did you? ;)

Of course I did! Slip of the finger on the keyboard I'm afraid, apologies and thanks for the correction.


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