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Stallone reveals career mistakes

Stallone.jpgUnsurprisingly for someone who made the excellent Cop Land and has written and directing the Rambo and Rocky franchises, both of which have stunning finales, has revealed that he has two big regrets in his career, Judge Dredd and Cobra.

That's no real surprise is it? One good thing though is that he says he'd love to revisit the character in Cop Land and see where he is now.

I really don't think we'll see that revisit happen though, the story of the character was pretty much laid out and worked superbly well as one of Sylvester Stallone's best performances and best films. Revisiting it would smell of cashing in. What I would like to see him do is apply his skills to a character and story that had the same dramatic punch and bring that to the screen.

As far as Judge Dredd goes though, I'm with him, that film was missing the mark as concerns the character, but it has to be said that he fitted the role really well, the story failed though.
Speaking through Digital Spy he says:

"I think Cobra could have been kind of interesting on a certain level only because I always saw him as Bruce Springsteen with a badge! That character would've been nice to go back to."

Mmm...I'm not too sure that's the character we would all love to see back on screen. There's been plenty of rumour about the Cliffhanger character coming back too, but so far it's just that, rumour.

I actually thought that Cliffhanger was a really enjoyable piece of entertainment, not in the same vein as Cop Land, but entertainment none the less. I wouldn't mind a revisit there to be honest, but not Cobra.

If he was going to be revisiting any of his characters, who would you like to see brought back?



I can see why he says he'd revisit Cobra, he seems to be fixing his regrets... Rambo III and Rocky V were bad but now fixed.

Does this mean he 'would' revisit Dredd though?

I don't know, surely he's too old for Dredd now isn't he? Or could he do an old Dredd?

That's what we though for Rocky .. & Rambo .. or was that just me ;)


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