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Stallone signs for action films

Stallone.jpgDespite proclaiming that the Rambo and Rocky are both finished, it seems that Sylvester Stallone isn't. He's signed up for two more action films in a deal that will see him working again with the Rambo producers.

There are little details on the deals themselves, but the news is that he'll be back on the screen in full action mode before we know it.

Reuthers through Yahoo Movies has the news that he's signed the two deals and that the first script is expected to be ready by Autumn, that's because the deal is with Ni Image/Millenium and they're the latest studios to have signed an interim agreement with the writers.

I'm excited about this new because Sylvester Stallone is a huge tallent both in front of, and behind the screen, and it shows that there's still room for these action stars on the big screen, and that means we could consider another Bruce Willis led Die Hard, and definitely welcome a return to action films from Arnold Schwarzenegger. You know it could really happen.

In the meantime we'll see Stallone in two action films, unfortunately he won't be writing the script, but there's no word on if he'll be directing or not. What would you like to see? Right now I'm desperate to see Rambo, because I'm hearing some very good words about it already, and after the success of Rocky Balboa (Filmstalker review) I think we're all looking forward to more from the man.



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