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Stigmata 2 with religious conspiracy?

GabrielByrne.jpgThe plot for the long announced Stigmata sequel, just called Stigmata 2 for now, has been leaked online by one of those unnamed sources.

It certainly brings something new and interesting to the original story, but I'm not sure if it's losing the subtlety and unknown element of the first film.

Something I loved about the originl Stigmata was that feeling of never having everything explained. Things were just happening and there did indeed seem to be an unseen and incredibly scary force behind it all. Oh, and then of course there was the excellent Gabriel Byrne who I love to watch on screen.

With the sequel, which is going direct to DVD, I'm afraid that they're going to miss the two things that made the first great, Byrne himself, and that level of mystery, for if the plot reveal is correct then we're treading into standard ground.

Bloody Disgusting have the announcement that Sean Hood is the writer for the film and that someone on the production contacted them to give them the plot reveal. It seems that it will be about a priest investigating the stigmatic wounds of a young man, expect this stigmatic victim has been found dead.

It seems that the priest and the man's sister are both in danger because of his stigmata, and are soon involved in a conspiracy within the catholic church. Ah, familiar territory then.

I hope that it isn't losing that unseen force element and it does keep the unknown spirit of the first. Unfortunately I don't think it will star Gabriel Byrne.



I don't like the sound of this at all.
It was good to see Stigmata & End of Days on the same day with Gabriel Byrne in both, but I don't see this working.

That's what I did when I got them both on DVD at the same time, fantastic performances from Byrne. I loved him as the devil in End of Days.

more so as the devil or the priest? (I'd say Devil)

Devil definitely for me.


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