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Street Kings trailer online

KeanuReeves.jpgThe trailer for Street Kings, formerly known as The Night Watchmen, starring the great names of Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie, Keanu Reeves and a bunch of other talent, is now online.

I've just watched it in high definition and it looks superbly powerful, and pretty dark, darker perhaps than Training Day did.

David Ayer is the writer behind Harsh Times, S.W.A.T., Dark Blue, Training Day and The Fast and the Furious, so you can see a similar style running through all these already, oh and plenty of action guaranteed.

Street Kings marks his second directorial outing, as the first was the strong Harsh Times with Christian Bale, and this film looks set to follow that in bucket loads.

The film is adapted from the James Ellroy novel by he and Kurt Wimmer. It tells the story of a veteran LAPD police officer, played by Keanu Reeves, who finds like increasingly difficult to deal with after his wife dies. When he's implicated in the death of another officer he is forced to go against the force and begin to unravel the corruption around him.

Sounds good, but when you see the trailer you'll be even more excited. It looks as though this is a role that suits Reeves acting style down to a tee.

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:QT:480p:720p:1080p] through JoBlo and prepare to be surprised, because it looks powerful. However Reeves needs a new shooting grimace!



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