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Sympathy for the Devil in film

MasterandtheMargarita.jpgIt's often said that there's a lack of really interesting plots in Hollywood scripts, but now and again you come across an announcement like this and your faith is restored.

The Master and Margarita from writer Mikhail Bulgakov is set to become a film. This is the novel that was banned in his homeland of Russia for over twenty years and then censored before being released. Mick Jagger read it in 1968 and it partly inspired the song Sympathy for the Devil.

Already I'm interested, and then when you hear the outline for the story you'll be even more intrigued.

The 1940's novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) tells the story of the appearance of the devil in human form and how he manipulates a group of people through deaths and disappearances to bring together a novelist and his married lover. During the tale the setting changes to that of the writer's novel which is Jerusalem during the time of Pontius Pilate and then onto a supernatural world where his wife has been taken over by satanic forces.

Wow, now that's a story and a half. I'm really intrigued to read The Master and Margarita and see it in film. It sounds an epic and rather unusual tale, something Hollywood is in need of.

According to The Hollywood Reporter through Yahoo News, the novel was being prepped for adaptation by Roman Polanski during the eighties, something that would have been great to see as Polanski could have given a very bleak vision to the film. However, like his latest film of Pompeii, the budget escalated and the studio pulled the plug.

Are you as interested in this story as I am? I'm definitely going to read the novel and find out more about this film, it could turn out to be a fascinating film.



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