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Terminator Salvation secret revealed?

Terminator.jpgCould the big twist that was being talked about by the Producers for Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins have been accidentally revealed? The twist that they said they couldn't reveal before could just have been.

In an article about Arnold Schwarzenenger not returning to the series they accidentally give something away that might just reveal a huge plot twist, so if it is right, and you don't want to know, I would consider reading no more.

I can't find the original article which had one of the producers talking about the twist, but I do remember them saying that there was going to be one, and if it isn't the rumour about the Terminators using human brains then it could be this one.

Huge pinch of salt though as the source is WENN through Hollywood.com, here we go, last chance to turn away.

You'll remember that Sam Worthington was recently cast as the character we are being told is the new hero of the franchise, taking over from John Connor. Well the article I've just read says the following:

“Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will not be reprising his famous role as the Terminator in the forthcoming movie sequel--he has been replaced by young Australian actor Sam Worthington.”

Okay, slow down a moment. Worthington was going to play the new hero, Marcus, a man who supposedly wakes up after being asleep all through the start of the war to find the world devastated.

Oh, hold on, things are starting to join up here. Is Marcus going to be touted as the good guy for most of the film but turn out to be some form of Terminator near the end as a big twist? Could he perhaps be the hybrid human-Terminator? Or perhaps he's just a Terminator full stop?

If the story is saying that Worthington is replacing Schwarzenegger then it would be to take the role as the Terminator.

So here are the options.

  1. The article is wrong and Worthington is in fact Marcus the new hero
  2. The previous news was wrong and Worthington is going to be playing the new Terminator, not Marcus the hero
  3. Worthington is in fact going to play Marcus the hero who turns out to be a Terminator

That might also explain why such a high profile actor like Christian Bale is being brought in for the role of John Connor but isn't the main focus of this film Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, perhaps he takes more of a leading role after Marcus is dealt with?

Okay, this is totally conjecture now, but if that article is right then Marcus could well be a Terminator. What do you think?



I do believe my head just popped - I'm really liking that idea of hero turned villian. He could get really close to John Connor then ice him, then again he could be 100% hero all the way through and then suddenly you see him sit up from a battering and half his mechanical face is hanging off? Oh the possibilities!?

What do you think about the whole 'Josh Brolin as a Terminator' whooo haaa as well Richard?

i'm thinking if we have this kind of possibility for plot twistiness this early into the story, perhapse there's much much more story to this movie than anyone's given it credit for.

you have to admit...it's starting to sound even more interesting than terminator 3 did in pre production.

I don't think the Brolin thing is real, can you really see the guy who just did No Country for Old Men leaping into Terminator? It would be a great surprise, and with a little more beefing up he would look the part, he has that look in his eye.

Yeah, this is already sounding much more interesting, even if it is just false rumour.

Well, here's what this is meant to be. Originally, Arnold was supposed to be the hero in Terminator. So, I think once they got Christian Bale, they did the same thing they did in the first movie. :)


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