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The Fall trailer looks gorgeous

TheFall.jpgThe trailer for Tarsem Singh's latest film The Fall is online, and it looks utterly gorgeous and captivating, in a very similar style to his previous film The Cell, a film which rated rather poorly but I rather enjoyed, particularly for the stunning visuals.

Well here Singh looks like he's doing the same again and providing some fantastic visuals, and not only that an interesting character pairing which has me hooked.

The Fall is the story of a young girl who is stuck in hospital with a broken collar bone. She's lonely and bored and befriends a bedridden man who tells her the most amazing story. However he's doing this to draw her in to a point where he can use her to steal himself more drugs, and like the innocent she is, when he calls a halt to the story at the most interesting point, she does his bidding.

However as the story continues to unfold it shows more than just a fantastical tale reflecting his state of mind, it becomes something that starts to mix with reality and the core of the pair's relationship.

I have to ask you to watch this trailer because it is gorgeous, just see those visuals bleed into one another, it's fantastic. However don't get mesmerised just by what appears before your eye, spend a little time and look at the story too and they way it plays out in the film.

To me this real world part of the story feels very much like a Guillermo del Toro told story, there's just something in that duality of a fantastical world hiding the harsh reality of the real world and all seen through a young person's eyes.

I think this looks really wonderful, and l'm a big fan of the cinematography of Tarsem Singh.

The trailer is over at IESB [Flash:QT:WMV:Dload] and well worth a look.



Thank you so much for that Richard, i've never heard of it before. I loved the visuals in the Cell and this looks so beautiful. I'm really looking forward to seeing this although it doesn't look like it will have a happy ending.

Not at all Michelle, it does look a little dark and you can get the feeling of where the film is going from the trailer.


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