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The Other Boleyn Girl multiple trailers

TheOtherBoleynGirl.jpgIn the first of many trailers this evening I have The Other Boleyn Girl trailer in various formats and sizes for your pleasure.

This is the film starring Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson as the two Boleyn sisters vying for the hand of King Henry VIII played by Eric Bana. It also stars the sultry Kristin Scott Thomas.

I'm not so sure about the film myself, having seen the trailer already I'm not convinced that it will deliver the power of the original television film on which it is based, a film which starred the gorgeous Natascha McElhone and had less reliance on big names and a dramatic Hollywood script.

Of course, I could be wrong, perhaps we're not tired of the costume drama. See the trailer and tell us what you think.

The Other Boleyn Girl trailer:
Quicktime: High quality Medium quality Low quality
Realplayer: High quality Medium quality Low quality
Windows Media Player: High quality Medium quality Low quality



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