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The Ruins red band trailer

TheRuins.jpgWell when I say red band, come on people, you've seen blood before, this is more like puce, or persimmon, this isn't really red. Even the blood in the trailer itself looks off red, and there isn't much else that we haven't seen in the previous trailer.

Actually the most interesting part of this trailer is that we see a little more of the story.

The Ruins (Filmstalker review) is an excellent novel from Scott Smith, and really builds on tension and character. I loved it, and it was such a refreshing novel to read as well. Now it's being made into a film and from all accounts it's pretty faithful to the novel and is going to be a pretty horrific horror.

However the trailer for The Ruins doesn't do it any favours. If this was meant to scare us all into thinking that the film was going to be terrifying and horrific, they should have thrown more at it to really exploit the R rating, as it is it looks nothing like an R rated trailer.

Don't let that taint your view of the film though, as if it's anything like the story it'll be fantastic. It's a simple story at that. Two couples on vacation befriend a group of foreigners also on holiday. They make friends despite the language barrier and decide to help one of them find his friend who has disappeared. So they set off to his last known location, a set of ruins out in the jungle.

You can see the trailer over at The Ruins official site, although you have to go through an idiotic age check and they've banned George Bush from using it so my old way in doesn't work. Instead, see it over at Cinema Blend [Flash]

Of course there is still a pretty major giveaway on the trailer, but nothing you won't live through and pretty soon forget. If you've read the highly suspenseful novel then you'll recognise a few other bits as well as a few changes in characters too. I think this is going to look fantastic.



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