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Toy Story 3 plot revealed?

ToyStory.jpgThe plot for Toy Story 3, the latest outing for the franchise from Disney, has apparently been revealed, and if this is indeed the actual plot then I'm not sure if the idea to change the plot in the first place was the right choice.

You see this new plot idea smells a little bad to me and when you read into it that it provides Disney the capability to build in new characters and create some new merchandising lines. Am i getting too cynical?

The plot for Toy Story 3 goes something like this, Andy is going to college and for some reason he's managed to hold onto all the toys that he originally had, that's right the original group including Buzz and Woody. So on his first day heading into college he drops the toys off with a day care center, presumably for all the other little kiddies and toys to play with.

Leaving for college? Well that has to be the end of Andy for the story doesn't it? He's not going to come back after college and pick his toys back up is he? The reveal comes from The Wall Street Journal through dtheatre.

That aside we're bound to see the guys meet up with a brand new bunch of toys, and to me that smells merchandising and money.

The original idea was that all the Buzz toys were going to be recalled, an idea I really thought was a cool one. Back then it was scrapped by John Lasseter because he had a better idea that completed the trilogy, considering the way the plots were going in the two stories so far.

So this completes the franchise? Perhaps it does, perhaps we'll see the toys get handed over to a new owner? However I still think this plot line sounds awful.



I'm going to give John Lasseter the benefit of the doubt here, and I have full faith in Pixar to make yet another great picture.

But, the original story and thoughts of the toys setting out to find THE Buzz from all the recalls had some really great potential.

The only reason (other than merchandising) that I can think of for them changing the story is to make it different from the first two. In Toy Story, it was both Woody and Buzz who went missing. In Toy Story 2, it was Woody who was taken from them. Now instead of it being just Buzz who goes missing, the entire group will be placed in a new environment and surroundings - which also has some good potential for a great story.

There could be another reason, just as I was thinking about the plot there. We could be seeing the characters "retiring". Sending them off to a place where there are tons of toys and loads of children could be heaven for them, especially considering how old they are and how Andy wouldn't be playing with them anymore.

I guess that's a positive angle.


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