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Two more Miller Spirit films?

FrankMiller.jpgCould there be two more The Spirit films in the future writing and directing career of Frank Miller? Well according to rumour his contract with Lionsgate suggests just that, because they have just signed him for a two sequel deal.

That means they must be really keen on what he's producing for his upcoming The Spirit, a film he has written and is directing based on the Will Eisner comic character.

It is very common for talent to have clauses in their contract ensuring exclusivity for any future sequels on a project, but you usually hear this for actors and not directors, although they have such deals, it is much easier for a studio to replace the director on a project rather than an on screen talent – note I didn't say better, just easier.

However I hadn't heard this rumour when he was signed up to writer and direct this first film, so this would suggest that the studio have seen something of his vision and have decided to add some clause ensuring he's around should they decide to go for sequels.

The rumour comes from JustPressPlay who don't reveal where they got the information, so heavy rumour indeed, and remember what I said about these exclusivity clauses, it doesn't mean there will be more films, just that they can grab him for them if they are made.

I really can't imagine that at this stage he has much of The Spirit to show them finished content wise, however it would seem that Lionsgate have decided that if the film is successful and the audience want more, or at least it makes a healthy profit, that there will be more with Frank Miller.



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