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UK Cinema kills Rambo

Rambo.jpgThe UK cinema chaing Odeon is deeming Rambo either unsuitable for their audiences or not commercial enough as news comes through that they aren't going to show the film in their cinemas.

The official reason is being quoted as "commercial reasons", so to me that means quite clearly that they don't think they're going to earn enough money showing the film.

However this story from The Times through Cinema Blend doesn't make any sense when the Odeon are showing such films as All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Southland Tales, WAZ (Filmstalker review) and many other not so popular titles. Are any of these bigger earners?

It's even stranger when you see what Rambo is taking across the country through other cinema chains, it's doing really well so why is the film not being shown? Violence perhaps? Well that's surprising in the UK and especially when the BBFC have given it an 18 rating just as Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street or All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.

I'm confused on this one and I don't really see why there's a problem with the Odeon and Rambo.

So what's the issue? I can't see it being a result of commercial viability or of levels of violence, unless that is Odeon deem Rambo is more violent than the other 18 certificate films it's showing. If that's the case then they are being really selective on censoring films showing to their audience.

Is it really the case that the Odeon don't think their audience want to see Rambo? Or is there something else going on? Do you want to, or have you seen Rambo and is there an Odeon next to you that isn't giving you the choice?



Maybe the MD of Odeon was an early adopter of HD-DVD and they're trying to get their own back at Sony?

Ok, ok, that was a bad joke, but really this doesn't make any sense. I know that Rambo is a violent movie but as you said it has an 18 cert and anyone going to see it is going to know what they're letting themselves in for. And is it any more violent than a movie like Saw or Hostel for instance? It might have more deaths, but still!

Personally, I think this is crazy as surely they are only going to be hurting their own profits? Mad!

I would think it's probably because the distributor demanded a higher percentage (than 50) & Odeon declined. Usually these things are 50% but some negotiate ... This is my experience from working at cinemas anyway.

It could be for a number of reasons - and I think the above comments are all valid.

I saw Rambo at early screenings at the beginning of February, and while it's easily one of the most violent films I've seen, I don't think that there's any particularly moralistic attitudes behind not showing it. Odeon were fine with Hostel, Captivity, AvP2 and other films in that vein going up, so I'd be more inclined towards the corporate disagreement argument.

Sony likely demanded that Odeon show it on so many screens, who then refused based on early revenue projections and came back with a lesser figure that they were willing to commit. The former probably then stuck to their guns, so Odeon decided to bin it.

That's my take on the situation, anyway.

You're right, it does seem more towards a business disagreement than anything. Variety have an update:

"Odeon emerged from the spat with Sony over its decision not to screen “Rambo” relatively unscathed. But the pic’s B.O. took a beating.

The...sequel banked $2.5 million at 354 locations. Although the screen average of $6,924 was not embarrassing, the opening result was not enough to topple “Jumper” from top spot. The sci-fi actioner landed $3 million this weekend in its soph sesh for an $11.6 million running cume.

Had Odeon played “Rambo,” rival bookers predict the pic could have banked a further $600,000 and taken first place in the charts...

Odeon’s decision to do without “Rambo” — due to undisclosed “commercial reasons” — saw the chain’s three-day total B.O. grosses for all films dip 13% on the previous weekend. But there were also dropoffs of 8% for Vue and 9% for Cineworld, suggesting not that many auds migrated from Odeon to other chains to see “Rambo.”"

odeon wanted a better deal on this pic.
sony refused
words where said
nuff said

Sony wanted 95% of Box Office takings. Odeon said screw you.

I work at Odeon, I know these things.

I'd heard they'd asked for a lot, but that's huge - what's the normal cut Brendan?


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