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Urge makes infected sex and violence mad

Here's another interesting story for a film, although travelling similar lines to other post apocalyptic films, Urge is about a group of survivors of a man made virus trapped in the infected town.

However here's the twist, the virus has turned those infected into creatures that are controlled by their basest urges, which are mainly comprised of violence and sex.

The story is written by Guy Busick and sees the group of survivors fighting to stay alive and discover what caused the virus to be released, a virus that seems to have come from a failed secret government experiment - aren't they all?

I find this story from Variety kind of interesting, because the creatures aren't your typical zombies or anything, they seem like they might retain a lot of their reasoning and understanding, but just responding to all their basic urges and becoming wild and feral.

However does the released virus side just make it a little too common to the other films in this genre?



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