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Uwe Boll's Tunnel Rats trailer online

UweBoll.jpgThere's a trailer for Uwe Boll's Tunnel Rats online, and I have to say that if you ignore the fact that the trailer is just a series of random clips from the film with no dramatical sense, and concentrate on the look and the voices, and it gives the impression that it wouldn't be all bad.

The film is set in Vietnam and follows a special U.S. team who is sent out to hunt and kill the Viet Cong soldiers in one to one combat inside the tunnels that they built to evade and ambush the U.S. soldiers.

What is surprising is that this is a reality, this is a practice that the soldiers really did, and something I didn't expect from Uwe Boll, indeed most of the trailer plays out like a low budget Platoon, but there are flashes of the standard Uwe Boll in there with decapitations and shots of knifes going into people for no reason.

Well, actually I'm not sure what I see half the time as it's just cut from shot to shot rather quickly with no continuity. A montage of the cooler and more shocking shots from the film is probably the best way to describe the trailer.

See what you think of Uwe Boll's Tunnel Rats trailer from YouTube which I found through MoviesOnline.

Well? You have to give him some credit for the non-violent scenes that give some sense of story and look and feel like Platoon, although there aren't too many of them amongst the barrage of clips.




Uwe Boll has more movies coming out to cinemas with Postal,Tunnel Rats,Far Cry and a DVD release of Alone In The Dark II.
Now he is returning to work on low budget movies and he is working on Zombie Massacre,Sabotage 1943,Legend:Hand Of God and also he should make the movie from the Namco arcade shooting game Ninja Assault.
Mr Boll will be the man to make the Ninja Assault movie as the film will be like House Of The Dead and Big Trouble In Little China set in feudal Japan 1620 when a evil warlord has kidnapped two women to marry them for his dark resurrection and only three ninjas and an American merchant and a group of bouunty hunters must hunt the spider ninjas and the
Shogun master himself.
If you think this sounds silly well who gives a s**t.
Thank You.


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