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Vacancy prequel?

Vacancy.jpgI actually enjoyed Vacancy (Filmstalker review) and thought that it had something a little extra over other horror films. It had a sense of reality and a few different turns that you wouldn't normally expect.

Now the word is that they're going to make a prequel and it'll head direct to DVD. However knowing what we do with the original film there can't be much of a surprise with the film can there?

Vacancy saw a couple of strong performances from Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson, with a superb performance from Frank Whaley who I loved from Swimming with Sharks. Nimród Antal directed the script from Mark L. Smith, who is going to pen the prequel, but this time around it's going to be Eric Bross, the director of the Kojak remake pilot episode.

Bloody Disgusting through AITH have the story about the prequel, and the blurb of the plot:

"When JESSICA, her fiancé CALEB and Caleb's buddy TANNER check into the lonely Meadow View Inn in the middle of rural nowhere, they have no idea that the motel is run by a homicidal maniac and two vicious greedheads who are making a bloody dollar by selling snuff films on the black market..."

I'm guessing that a greedhead isn't a very nice person. Of course we're not going to see Beckinsale or Wilson return, which is a shame, but there's a huge hope that we could see Whaley return to the excellent character of Mason, the aforementioned homicidal maniac who is running the motel.

It's fair to say that if you've seen Vacancy then you can more or less guess what's going to happen in this prequel, since we know what's going to happen in the future, and we know what happens to the guests. So is there any real surprises in store?

As I said, I really liked the original, but I'm not sure if there really is a need for a prequel.



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