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Venom film in development

Venom.jpgSo Spider-Man 3 wasn't the strongest Spider-Man, or so thinks one of the villains who should have been the his one and only attacker, Venom. For it seems that he's set to get his own film.

Rumours today are suggesting that Marvel is planning a stand alone film for the character, that means Venom and Venom alone. Well maybe Spider-Man might feature, but only as his arch enemy who he can fight a bit.

Here's the only information on the story from IESB:

"We've confirmed that "the studio" has met recently with several "A list writers" about a spin-off film."

Yes, it's not really that much, but they seem certain that he's set for a big screen outing. I'm not really sure though, can Venom hold his own for an entire film? Of course I hear Venom fans shouting, but is it Venom alone who is the powerful character, or is it more the relationship between Spider-Man and Venom that made Venom so interesting?

What is the story going to tell us on its own? Is it just going to feature the reintroduction of Venom? If so what's he going to do? Are they going to tell the Spider-Man versus Venom tale from the opposite side?

It would really depend on how much material there is for Venom himself, and for that I'll have to turn to the Spider-Man comic aware among us.



I would say that yes, there's plenty of material for a Spidey-less film. The Venom v Spidey dynamic was very important for Venom's origin, which we saw (tweaked, of course) in Spidey 3--but the dynamic between Eddie himself and the costume, especially once the off-shoot Carnage was borne (a red/black symbiote on an insane murderer that was much worse than Venom, evil-wise), is a much more interesting story, IMO. In the comics, Venom wasn't really a villain, but an anti-hero who was usually only driven to villainy when Spidey was involved (due to both Eddie and the symbiotes hatred of Spiderman).

I could easily see a film where Eddie's separated himself from the entire mess with Parker and is off doing his own vigilante thing looking for true redemption only to be faced with Carnage (as the villain) and having to come to terms with his unleashing of this monster on the public. I think an origin redux would be a waste, but either way I hope Topher is involved again. His involvement would make it 10x better and was the only reason I suffered through the last film. Of course, I'm really opinionated.

Thanks for that surreal - opinionated, the perfect commenter for Filmstalker!

I really don't know enough about Venom to know if there is material enough for his own standalone story, but from what you're saying there's plenty. Is there the appetite amongst the general audience?

Hell yes! I'm all for this happening, there is ample story in the comic-world for this to work... & I'm not even a huge fan, but am inetersted to see how they shape this up.. in the right hands there is scope for "Amazing"

Sure there's space for a venom-only flick. remember that venom (unlike it's spawn carnage) isn't 100% a bad guy. he just wants revenge against your friendly neighbourhood spidey. Surely that's cause for a bit of inner-moral-turmoil!
He's not a bad character - he just does bad things. :)


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