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Wal-Mart chooses Blu-ray

BluRayvsHDDVD.jpgAnother round goes to Blu-ray as Wal-Mart announces that by June, out of the high definition formats, it will only be carrying Blu-ray hardware and films, and therefore dropping HD-DVD from its product line.

That has to mark another big blow for HD-DVD as rumours flood the Interflab through some very reliable sources that Toshiba is ready to announce HD-DVD is at an end.

The Senior Vice President of Home Entertainment for Wal-Mart, Gary Severson, said in a statement today through IGN:

"We've listened to our customers, who are showing a clear preference toward Blu-ray products and movies with their purchases."

Well I think that's that. With Netflix, Best Buy, Woolworths and now Wal-Mart and other smaller stores going the same way, I think it's time that the industry drop HD-DVD and get behind Blu-ray to exploit it to the maximum.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not angling for Blu-ray in particular, even though I have a Blu-ray only player in my Playstation 3, I'm not one of these people who leaps on a choice in a particular technology battle and screams about how great it is compared to the other option, I'm pretty balanced in my viewpoints. However there's been a huge blocker to my purchasing of HD-DVD hardware and that's been the fact that I'd have had to purchase an extra DVD player, or an addition to my XBox 360 as well as upgrading it to a true HD output. For me it was all too complex when my PS3 just offered it all to me pre-installed.

There's also something about the attraction of a Java upgradable system - and I feel for those of you who have purchased Blu-ray players without the upgrade option, I would be complaining bitterly to the sellers and manufacturers right now - a feature that I've already taken advantage of two times now.

I remember back to when I bought my Pioneer DVD-717, a third generation DVD player if I remember rightly. That meant there were two generations of players which people had forked out hard cash for and lost money on. Luckily I bought the right one at the right time, and the player still works and plays every DVD to this day, whatever region.

It's because of the Playstation 3 that Blu-ray has done so well, the hardware is in so many houses and is instantly usable from day one without any further purchases, and it's high definition output for video and audio – albeit there is the issue of not currently decoding DTS HD audio, which is quite a big mistake in my eyes.

So is it time for HD-DVD to call it a day? Or better still, for you the average reader who probably hasn't invested heavily in one of these formats as yet, what does this mean for you?



Another round or game, set, and match???? :)

For me, it means that a larger portion of the HD movie watching crowd will get screwed by Sony and the MPAA much sooner than expected. Hopefully it will provide a fitting backlash and take some of the power out of the MPAA's hands. Only time will tell...

What do you mean about Sony and MPAA?

You do know that Sony doesn't run nor own Blu-ray and that it's just one of many partners in the consortium?


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