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Watchmen still online with Rorschach

WatchmenStill.jpgThe first real still of a final frame of the Watchmen film comes as Zack Snyder reveals on the Watchmen production blog that the filming is wrapped. Now post production begins.

However, Snyder has graced us with a final frame from the film that matches the previous storyboarding work that we'd seen.

This image merges together nicely with the previous post where we saw how he was taking the comic frames into a storyboard, as now we can see how one of these shots looks on film for real, and it looks great.

"I promise to refrain from getting too sentimental, but I want to take a moment to say thanks to the Watchmen cast & crew. You have all been phenomenal. It has been quite an experience and I could not have done it without the hard work and determination of each and every one of you. A film adaptation of Watchmen has been in the works for almost 20 years and thanks to you, it is finally in the can…Although we still have a lot of work to do in post, the shoot has been an experience I will not soon forget!"

You can see the full size image of the smaller, cropped and brightened image in this post, over at the official Watchmen blog through Superhero Hype, and you can view it directly in its largest format, right here.

I think it looks fantastic, and when you combine that with the previous Watchmen post which clearly shows Zack Snyder's comic book panel to storyboard comparisons, I think we really are in for something that could turn out to be the closest comic book adaptation since, well, 300 (Filmstalker review) .



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