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Win Family Guy: Blue Harvest on DVD

FamilyGuy-BlueHarvest.jpgI've finally managed to arrange a Family Guy competition for you all to win copies of the Family Guy: Blue Harvest DVD, well for those of you in the UK at least.

This is, if you don't already know, the most hilarious show on television remaking Star Wars in its own style, and it is perhaps the most hilarious and clever thing I've ever seen. You'll love it, and there's so much watching to be had in it too, and you can win a copy.

Unfortunately, yes there are a few unfortunately comments, this is open to UK residents only, it's the standard edition DVD not the brand new special edition, and there are only two copies to win.

Still, if you are in the UK then you have a chance of winning this superb DVD, and I really would recommend it, especially if you're a fan of Star Wars and/or Family Guy. The references and detail in the film are just stunning. Find out more about the DVD and the film over at the official Family Guy: Blue Harvest site, and here's a cool clip from the film.

You know I've had loads of fun just sitting through some of these clips...here's another one.

Oh I love Family Guy, and Blue Harvest is just genius. Anyway, back to the competition. If you want to win the DVD just answer the following question and send the answer to me at competition@filmstalker.co.uk along with your full postal address.

If you were to be a Star Wars character, who would you be and why?

How easy is that? Two funniest answers win and if they are really good you might just get them added below. The closing date for the competition is midnight GMT/UTC on Sunday the 10th of February 2008 - I have to be specific, you wouldn't believe how late some entries can be.

Good luck!

Vote for who you think should win now!



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