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Wolverine casts young Stryker?

ChristianClark.jpgThere's another rumour about the casting for the young Stryker in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film, you know the younger version of the character that Brian Cox played in the second of the X-Men films we've seen.

The rumoured actor looks a lot like Cox though, and would suit the time frame, although let's face it, Hugh Jackman isn't being replaced by someone younger, so even if it didn't look right I'm sure we'd get over it.

The rumour is that Christian Clark is the man up to play the role. He has been seen in Prey, but he's relatively unknown. However if you do look at him you can get that Brian Cox vibe, however you need to see a bigger picture for that and JoBlo have that picture in a much larger size, you definitely see the resemblance there.

They also come up with the idea that he could be playing the Styker character, for X-MenFilms.net have the news that he's cast in the film, but not that he's playing Stryker, JoBlo saw the resemblance and made the connection, and I think they could be right.

We're still waiting for the announcements on most of the cast list for the Wolverine film with the silly title, but I think I'm with JoBlo here, this one looks like a good pick.



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