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Woo's Red Cliff trailer appears online

BattleForRedCliff.jpgFinally we get to see something of a trailer for John Woo's much anticipated Red Cliff, the story of one of the defining events during the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China.

The production has been through some difficult times - just browse through the tags at the bottom of the story to see - but now it looks like it's getting closer to something of a finished film, and a release. See for yourself in this first trailer.

The trailer for Red Cliff is over at Yahoo Movies [Windows Media Player:Embed] through Coming Soon, and it certainly looks epic.

There's loads of footage in it and plenty of action, not to mention that wonderful John Woo style. I'm really excited to see the film which carries a wonderful cast.

I'm desperate to see an English language trailer for this, as well as the films itself, the only problem is that there seems to be a very limited release so far with Finland seeing it late October and the Netherlands the day after my birthday in early December.



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