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Writer's strike is over

Book.jpgSo what you might cry, especially if you are outside the U.S. and not affected by the television shows that are experiencing mid season breaks, or whatever it is that the that U.S. networks like to call their scheduling mess.

Well it means that the slowdown of films being delivered to the cinemas near you won't happen as it could have. For now we're still happily living off the backlog in Hollywood, and we haven't really seen the effects as an audience.

Now, we really won't have to. Well, actually there's one more hurdle to go through as Yahoo News rightly points out. The terms of the deal still have to be officially agreed upon.

Last night the writers voted by 92.5% that they should accept this offer and return to work, and I think that actually means that they can start writing again today. However the hard signatures need to be found:

"Writers in New York and Los Angeles were briefed on the arrangement on Saturday and a separate contract ratification ballot will be mailed out over the next few days. Members have until Feb. 25 to cast their votes. Meetings will be held that day to vote in person, as well."

However all across America the sound of pens scribbling on paper can be heard again.

It also means that the Oscars is back on, something I'm actually not looking forward too. I would have loved to have seen an Oscars show with no writers, perhaps we would have been allowed to see all the award winners speak.

So strike behind us, can we get all those good television shows back in production, and while we're at it keep going with a Caprica Battlestar Galactica prequel series?





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