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X-Files 2 werewolf photo faked?

X-Files.jpgCould the X-Files 2 production crew have faked or mislead the media with the recently leaked photo of someone dressed in a werewolf costume on set with Chris Carter? Well yes, and in fact I said that at the time, and here we are as the story begins to suggest that this is just what happened.

This new rumour has come out from one of those pesky "inside sources" that the photo was indeed faked to put everyone off the scent of what the film is really about.

From MovieWeb through MoviesOnline comes the story that one of the guys talked to his friend who is working on X-Files 2 who laughed about the werewolf photos and said that they had done exactly what Chris Carter had hoped they would, and that he knew exactly what he was doing.

They've taken this to mean that the photo I wrote about before was faked to put everyone off the scent deliberately, and I wouldn't disbelieve them. I said that very thing when I first saw and wrote about the photos:

"...but then again maybe it's not a spoiler at all.

What strikes me is that these productions that are being so openly caught on film in public are either incredibly naive, trying to maximise on filming hype, or perhaps there's something else. Perhaps they are taking advantage of the media there and throwing out false stories to hide what really is happening.

Sex and the City marriage breakup in the middle of a crowded street of photographers? Perhaps a little too staged? Then there's the X-Files set photo...another staged event? Wouldn't the studio have pulled down the photos by now?...Is it a joke? Throwing us off the scent perhaps?"

Looks like I might well have been right first time round. I had said then that if they were going this route with a werewolf film then they were pretty much saying goodbye to what the X-Files meant to me, and despite what the comments said that was the alien conspiracy.

They say they're still going to have a completely stand alone horror type episode story, but it could well be without werewolves.



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